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Latex foam mattress
Highest quality tri-zoned latex foam mattress provides luxurious, natural, superior,supportive comfort.

CloudRest foam mattress
Combines a 3" layer of bouncy soft latex foam atop a 5.5" base of either medium or super firm hi-density foam, creating a luxurious feel at an affordable price.

Thermopedic visco elastic memory foam mattress
The combination of a 3" layer of creamy-soft 5.3lb Visco-elastic memory foam atop a 5.5" base of medium firm hi-density foam makes for a blissful night's sleep.

DreamBed Deluxe foam mattress
This top seller is composed of 2.25" layer of plush SuperSoft foam atop a 5.5" base of either medium or super firm hi-density foam.

DreamBed foam mattress
This is the original “Rolls Royce” of the hi-density foams. High quality,5.5”, available in both Super
and Medium Firm.

EasyRest foam mattress
The introductory level of
hi-density foam is used to make this classic, comfortable, 5.5" mattress. In your choice of medium or super firm.

Visco elastic memory foam Topper
This temperature and weight sensitive, creamy soft 5.3lb 3" layer will help to baby your body and lull you to sleep.

SuperSoft foam topper
This quick response, soft as a cloud 2.25" layer of hi-density foam will help transport you to dreamland in no time.

Latex foam topper
This bouncy 3" layer of soft latex foam
will cradle your body for
a luxurious night’s rest.

Box Foundation
Our spring-less box spring, foam-padded, slatted wood foundation provides the perfect, firm surface for your foam mattress. Use it with a traditional or adjustable bed frame.

PlatFoam bed base
The PlatFoam is an 11" high, all-foam modular piece, with a zip-off cover in a fabric of your choice. Also available with attached
all-foam round or square headboard.

SlimGym Exercise/Sleep Mats
Made of long lasting
1.5" hi-density foam, with removable poly/cotton duck fabric covers, this is the mat you’ve been looking for. Available in folding or rollup styles.

Latex foam pillows
Medium firm, latex foam pillows, in queen or king size. They provide excellent support for your head, neck, back and spine. Naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial.

Visco elastic memory foam pillows
This heat sensitive visco elastic foam pillow conforms to the neck and head while promoting proper spine alignment. Covered in a zip off washable terry cover.

Sofa-Bed foam mattress
Available in both DreamBed, and EasyRest qualities. They are 4” thick for easy foldability. Measure the length and width of the inside of the bed frame and order that size for the perfect fit.

Other Made to Order foam mattresses and foam furniture
We make custom foam mattresses and foam cushions in various shapes and sizes for boats, RVs, window-seats, unusual beds, antique beds, display beds. Bring us your ideas.

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